eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation
eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation Before & After 2 eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation Before & After 3 eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation Before & After 1 eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation

eCO2™ Laser Resurfacing Consultation

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Schedule your consultation for laser resurfacing.

Please call our office for an appointment for your consultation with Dr. Joseph R Terracina. There is a $150.00 consultation fee. Call (662) 335-1103 to schedule your consultation.

LUTRONIC’S eCO2™ LASER SYSTEM: Bridging the gap between traditional CO2 systems and fractional resurfacing systems, for the next generation.

Dr. Joseph R. Terracina, MD of The Skin Institute in Greenville, MS is proud to offer Lutronic’s eCO2™ Laser to prospective patients. The first one of it’s kind in the state of Mississippi and the region, the eCO2™ Laser is quickly making a reputable name for itself among other leading lasers. Because of his immaculate past experience with CO2 laser facial resurfacing, Lutronic chose Dr. Terracina to become a luminary for the company and have one of the first study sites for the eCO2™ laser.

Recently, technology has made a large step in bridging the gap between traditional CO2 systems and fractional laser systems, creating fractional CO2 systems. One of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of aesthetic and medical laser systems, Lutonic, Inc has created the eCO2™ Laser: The first multi-functional fractional CO2 laser system. This new innovative technology is very comparable to traditional CO2 lasers in that it provides effective treatment of deep lines and facial scars while also repairing the elasticity of the skin. Additionally, the eCO2™ laser is similar to fractional laser systems, for instance, the popular Fraxel® Laser, in that it has a much faster healing time and fewer side effects. It is designed to safely treat acne scars, facial wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun-damaged skin, un-even pigmentation or skin tone, and much more. With proper treatment and after care, the eCO2™ Laser can effectively renovate your skin to that of a baby’s, which is newer and healthier.

For years, the most popular method of treating aging skin has been laser resurfacing, either with ablative techniques or light-based therapies. Traditionally, the most effective way to treat facial wrinkles and/or scars was with invasive skin peeling surgery using a CO2 laser system. This system provides outstanding cosmetic results, however, it is also associated with long recovery periods and significant side effects. For years, technology has tried to match the results achieved with traditional CO2 systems, while also trying to reduce the healing time and side effects. The new generation of laser systems, often referred to as fractional laser systems, have been very popular in treating minimal lines and wrinkles while at the same time providing less healing time for patients. With the creation of fractional CO2 laser systems, more importantly Lutronic’s eCO2™ Laser, it seems we are one step closer to having the best of both systems – fantastic results without the extensive healing time.

Lutronic’s eCO2™ Laser can be customized to each individuals needs. The eCO2™ Laser is quick and less painful than many other laser treatments on the market today and procedures are performed either under topical anesthesia or IV sedation. Patients experience less downtime than with traditional CO2 lasers, without having to sacrifice superior results.

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